Twitter RSS is a script that reads in your Twitter RSS feed and formats it for the web, so that you can include your recent Twits on your website. It attempts to read the RSS file using the cURL extension (if it's installed) and the fopen() option if not.

Note: if your webserver has security options enabled that prevent the file being read with fopen and they haven't installed the cURL module, you may not being able to run the script. (They should allow one or the other.)

The script can be fully customised using the options described in the READ ME file along with CSS, and you can see it demo'd in the sidebar to your right.


The following examples show the different ways you can customise the output. Right click and view source to see which ones have custom tags and which are default output, customised through CSS.

IE may object to the odd CSS rule in one or more of these (I haven't hacked them for IE bugs) » example 01, example 02, example 03, example 04, example 05, example 06, example 07, example 08.

Quick Start

  1. Download the script from the link to your right and unzip it. You should have three files: READ ME.rtf, twitter-rss.php and twitter-rss.css. The READ ME file is useful to glance through, it'll give you much more information about customising the script.
  2. Open twitter-rss.php in a plain text editor and fill in your RSS feed URL. Have a quick glance through the customisation variables and change as you wish. If you want to make edits to the default CSS file, make those too.
  3. Save the files and upload them to your webserver.
  4. Use <?php include_once('path/to/twitter-rss.php'); ?> to include the file where ever you want it on your site, where 'path/to...' is the path to where you uploaded the file.
  5. All done!



(comprises three files)

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